Atheist Thinking

An atheist believes that his brain is the product of random chance and chemical reactions. It would be irrational to trust such a device for cogent answers because it’s answers would only be the product of those random chance chemical reactions. If this makes no sense to you, you might be an atheist!

7 thoughts on “Atheist Thinking

  1. An Atheist does not believe anything. A person who falls under the title atheist can hold thousands of beliefs(one that could possibly be what you describe here but not necessarily. ). Atheism does not describe any beleif. Atheism is a lack of belief. There are thousands of beliefs that are held along with this one title(and that lead up to this title) but are not specific, limited, exact, the same, or even similar throughout atheists. The ONLY thing that connects atheists is that they dont believe in a god. Infact even the reasons why they fall under this title isnt the same. So no, an Atheist does infact NOT believe.


    1. If an atheist does not believe anything then an atheist cannot make a positive claim. If you cannot make a claim then you cannot refute my claim because a lack of belief cannot be true or false.


      1. All the TITLE atheist means is that we do NOT hold one specific belief. Therefore”an atheist” doesn’t believe anything specifically like you said. However, someone who is an atheist may also believe what you said or THEY MAY NOT. You literally CANT know unless you’re talking about ONE specific person. Your claim included what all atheists believe, and that’s exactly my point “all atheists” DONT share the same beliefs. Because the title athiest only designates one belief that we DONT have. Nothing more.


      2. Literally atheism isn’t a claim. Theism isn’t a claim. Its a stance, title, and status, nothing more. Same thing with the term ‘theist’, that word means nothing more than ones stance on ONE belief. Some theists in broken up groups with additional titles may claim things beyond that one stance, but that doesn’t mean theists as a whole claim that. Same goes for atheist.


      3. Im not defending it, I’m explaining it. I’m explaining how you’re wrong. I’m explaining what the title means. You had the wrong ideas on what the title “atheist” says about someone.


  2. Sounds to me like the fallacy of definitional retreat or an unfounded equivalency. What is your definition of atheism and I will analyze it.


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