Atheism Defined

Atheists, like George Smith (author of “Atheism:The Case Against God) make claims like (paraphrase): “An atheist is one that does not believe the claims that a god exists…. that is it.”
The logical conclusion of that statement is that they actually admit to believing something that is both scientifically and logically impossible:
1. That everything came from nothing, without purpose, caused by random nothingness,
2. Then by random chemical reactions that happened without purpose, caused order to come from chaos (which violates the laws of thermodynamics),
3. Then life came from non-life (which violates the laws of thermodynamics and the laws of information) or rather something dead in one moment became alive (but deny Christ’s resurrection),
4. Then intelligence came by way of something that had no intelligence,
5. Then the human conscience developed from something that had no conscience.
All atheists actually believe this nonsense? This is why many apologists say that atheists have greater faith than most Christians.
The true definition of Atheism is a person who actually believes that believing in nothing is not only possible, but is also something to be believed.

6 thoughts on “Atheism Defined

  1. “An atheist is one that does not believe the claims that a god exists…. that is it.” The quote makes no mention of what atheists do believe. An atheist needn’t believe in any particular theory. Are you happy to share the reasoned steps you followed to reached your logical conclusion?

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    1. Matt,

      It simply follows that if atheists do not believe in God, they believe everything just happened all by itself.

      The author of the post explained the reasoning behind his quote.

      If you had read a little further past the quote, you may have discovered the answer to your own question.


  2. When atheists insult me for reasoning out the existence of God, they become further enraged when I ask them for any scientific evidence whatsoever that everything just happened all by itself.


  3. Atheists believe. They have a lot of beliefs, all of which lead up to the absence of one. All though those beleifs are almost never the same from atheists to atheist theyre there. Along with that goes that not every atheist believes what science says. Not every atheists puts science first(i can go on with this but ill stop here). Personally id say we all have equal amounts of faith(theists and atheists); not because of our religion or lack of, but due to the beliefs, experiences, and more that add up to get us to the postion of theist and atheist. However if youre talking of atheists as in the concept of atheism, we have absolutely no faith. The only thing this title gives us is the collective lack of belief in a deity, therefore “atheism” has no faith. All people have faith in something, but when discussing “atheism” itself there is none.


  4. As for “all atheists actually believe this non-sense” no, because atheism does not imply shared belief of any kind. That includes orgin story. The ONLY thing atheism implies is that each person under the title does NOT hold a specific belief(in a god or many gods).


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