Could God Have Used Evolution? Michael Ruse says no

The article says:

“The most contentious current example is the doctrine of original sin, which is being debated by Christians around the world. Many, especially evangelicals, still cling to the notion that two proto-humans eating an apple is the source of all death and suffering in the world. In this traditional view, even animal suffering originated with human sin.”

Source: Could God Have Used Evolution? Michael Ruse says no

This is what passes for “scholarship” today. This article is written by a “Dr.” of science and religion and he can’t even get his history correct about Galileo and Darwin.

First Galileo was not persecuted by the Catholic Church, if he was the Pope would not have had Galileo’s book published for the next 30 years after his death. Next, people visualize that Galileo was burned at the stake or something. He was only under house arrest for 3 months because of a dispute with the Pope, who was one of Galileo’s best childhood friends and not for his scientific discoveries.

Next this author says “as evolutionists point out, we now know a lot about the first humans and one thing we can say definitively is that there was no original Adam and Eve” Clearly he has NEVER reviewed the evidence of mitochondrial EVE or mitochondrial Adam before.

In the end, this is a clear example of what is wrong with modern science today. They ignore any logical contribution by religion and adhere to an apriori fallacy.


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