Scientists think they’ve found the origin of all earthly life

TRUTH BOMBS: So Mr. Scientist…. Which evolved first, male or female? No answer? too bad! Well then how about, why would humans evolve out of asexual into male and female which decreases survival probability? Ah, no answer again. I see, how about what evolved first, the muscle to use the skeletal structure or the skeletal structure that supports the muscular system? No answer again? Wow and you expect me to believe the rest. This information does not even comport with the data on mitochondrial eve.

ARTICLE: Four billion years ago, sometime around Earth’s 560 millionth birthday, Luca was born.Luca is your great-to-an-infinite-degree grandmother and grandfather, as it is your dog’s and your goldfish’s and your ficus’. Every living thing on Earth owes it existence to Luca, whose very name stands for “Last Universal Common Ancestor.” It is the origin of life on Earth, from which the rest of us evolved. And now scientists believe they have mapped a genetic picture of the qualities that would have belonged to Luca, giving us a startling look at how life on Earth might have begun:…By comparing their sequence of DNA letters, genes can be arranged in evolutionary family trees, a property that enabled [Dr. William F.] Martin and his colleagues to assign the six million genes to a much smaller number of gene families. Of these, only 355 met their criteria for having probably originated in Luca, the joint ancestor of bacteria and archaea.Genes are adapted to an organism’s environment. So Dr. Martin hoped that by pinpointing the genes likely to have been present in Luca, he would also get a glimpse of where and how Luca lived. “I was flabbergasted at the result, I couldn’t believe it,” he said.The 355 genes pointed quite precisely to an organism that lived in the conditions found in deep sea vents, the gassy, metal-laden, intensely hot plumes caused by seawater interacting with magma erupting through the ocean floor. [The New York Times]Chemist John Sutherland, of the University of Cambridge, has a rival theory that life formed in shallow pools, not the ocean. Others say that Dr. Martin’s version of Luca is actually the sophisticated descendent of some other original Luca.But regardless of which theory you believe, as James O. McInerney wrote in a commentary about Dr. Martin’s research, Luca is “a very intriguing insight into life four billion years ago.” Read all about it at The New York Times. Jeva Lange

Source: Scientists think they’ve found the origin of all earthly life

4 thoughts on “Scientists think they’ve found the origin of all earthly life

    1. Thanks for the advice. I have read several on the subject. That how I knew the kind of questions to ask that evolution can’t answer. But that is ok, people will go on living in fantasyland anyway. I just make them accountable.


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