American-trained sniper now Islamic State “minister of war”

TRUTH BOMBS: If you don not teach our citizens Christian values in the US, then they will find other things to value, even if it is against the country that gave them the freedom to choose in the first place.

ARTICLE: The Department of State announced at the end of August that its Rewards for Justice Program was offering “up to $3 million for information leading to the location, arrest, and/or conviction of Gulmurod Khalimov”, an Islamic State member and recruiter.

Khalimov is now the top dog “minister of war” for the Islamic State. The 41-year-old colonel underwent US special arms training as a sniper by the State Department. His training was in counter-terrorism, which included tactical leadership training, making him an especially dangerous man. Khalimov “became radicalized fairly recently.”

Last year, MEMRI reported that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi called on professionals living in the West “to immigrate to the territories under his control and help build up the state”; which included engineers, doctors, preachers, scholars of Islamic jurisprudence, judges, and military experts. Kalimov, thanks to the State Department, is the latter.

Source: American-trained sniper now Islamic State “minister of war”

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