Iranian Woman Stabbed To Death In Australia After Converting To Christianity | Christian News on Christian Today

TRUTH BOMBS: Only one of thousands of victims to to the unethical Islamic system.


ARTICLE: A young woman from Iran who converted to Christianity has been stabbed to death.

Nasrin Abek, aged 35, was found in her apartment in Sydney, Australia with multiple stab wounds. Her husband Amir Darbanou, aged 42, has been charged with murder. The couple lived in the wealthy Potts Point suburb Sydney.

Darbanou was charged yesterday after police force an entry into the home, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The dead woman’s father had allegedly called police having himself received a phone from Darbanou on Wednesday night.

The victim’s father told the Sydney Morning Herald that his distress had been made even greater because he had to contact police several times before they investigated.

Darbanou appeared before the Central Local Court in Sydney this morning and entered no plea. He did not apply for bail but it was refused in any case.

Police knew of no history of domestic violence involving the couple but neighbours reported screaming coming from the apartment on Wednesday night, according to local reports.

Abek, a hairdresser, moved from Iran to Australia four years ago and had recently become a Christian.

Police Superintendent Mick Fitzgerald said he believed they had recovered the murder weapon during the search of a nearby rubbish dump. He said the police were not looking for any other suspects. Fitzgerald was quoted as saying: “Any incident of violence, let alone domestic violence, is tragic and we ask anyone if they’ve got any information about any loved one or any friend who may be involved in any domestic incident to come forward, to contact us, because we need to know.”

Darbanou will appear before the court again in November.

Source: Iranian Woman Stabbed To Death In Australia After Converting To Christianity | Christian News on Christian Today

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