Teen Girls Arrested After Video of Assault on Man, 62, Appears on Facebook

TRUTH BOMBS: Some are whining that we need to to listen to both sodes of this story. Fact #1 – These girls were trespassing on his property. Fact #2 – He told them to get off his property. Fact #3 – They refused. Fact #4 – They assaulted a disabled 62 year old man. Case Closed PUNKS!

ARTICLE: Two teen girls in New York State have been charged with an assault on a 62-year-old man that police say was caught on camera.

Facebook user Ja’Meeka Price posted video of the incident, which occurred Wednesday, and said she forwarded it to the Syracuse Police Department.

“This is the video of the kids from Cocoran High School who assaulted this old man. I have given it to the local Syracuse news & police who I hope will get justice for this man.. this is sad, ignorant & disgusting! Please share in hopes that it lands in the right hands & these children are held accountable!! #JUSTICEforHIM,” Price wrote.

In the video, the man holds a cane as a group of teenagers stand around him. As he confronts one of the girls, she punches him in the face.

As he chases after the girl with his cane, another girl appears to strike him in the head, knocking off his hat.

The man continues to chase a group of the teens before tripping and falling over in the street.

According to a statement from Syracuse police, the victim said he “politely asked them to not sit on his property” before he was punched twice.

The investigation was turned over to Syracuse High School detectives, who arrested both girls they say are responsible on Thursday.

Because the suspects are 14 and 15, their names and mug shots were not released.

Both have been charged with Assault in the third degree and released to their respective parent/guardians on juvenile appearance tickets, police said.

In a follow-up on her Facebook post, Price applauded the arrest.

“He has gotten his justice! And for those saying “we don’t know both sides” the children were wrong & admitted it. The old man simply asked them to get off his property & this happened.. I’ve posted the news reports on my page.. good day to all ,” her comment read

Source: Teen Girls Arrested After Video of Assault on Man, 62, Appears on Facebook

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