Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting

A debate over religious freedom has led to a Satanist leading an invocation at one Alaska borough’s assembly meeting.

(Article by Ashley Rae Goldenberg)

Following a discussion over whether to do away with invocations entirely, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly decided to open invocations up to all religions.According to Assembly President Blaine Gilman, a group of pastors used to previously lead the assembly’s invocation. Under the new rules, however, anyone can choose to lead an invocation in the name of his or her religion.During Tuesday’s assembly meeting, Iris Fontana led an invocation in the name of Satan on behalf of the Satanic Temple.

KSRM reports Fontana said:“Let us stand now, unbowed and unfettered by arcane doctrines, born of fearful minds in darkened times. Let us embrace the Luciferian impulse to eat of the tree of knowledge and dissipate our blissful and comforting delusions of old. Let us demand that individuals be judged for their concrete actions, not their fealty to arbitrary social norms and illusory categorizations.”

Source: Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting

70% of European Jews not attending synagogue during holidays due to targeted terror

TRUTH BOMBS: Islam continues to inspire fear in the citizens of European countries.

ARTICLE: If one goal of terrorism is to deny a free people basic rights, then count it as successful, at least where European Jews are concerned.As reported recently by the Jerusalem Post, some 70 percent of Jews – nearly three-quarters – are going to sit out attending synagogue during shul on High Holy Days over fears of possible terrorist attacks, and this despite increased security in Jewish communities.NT3A poll that was published online recently revealing the 70 percent figure has nonetheless been met with skepticism by prominent Jewish leaders, even though the continent has been rocked by terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds, especially in France.The survey was conducted online by the European Jewish Association in conjuction with the Rabbinical Center of Europe. The 78 respondents, the EJA says, were a representative sampling of the 700 capital cities and communities throughout Europe, from Britain to Ukraine.Pollsters claimed that while the number of respondents was far fewer than the number of communities represented, each one speaks for many communities. They compared the respondent rate with certain cities and regions that have many similarities with a number of similar communities.

Source: 70% of European Jews not attending synagogue during holidays due to targeted terror

Report: As Satanism Grows, Italy Experiencing a ‘Boom’ in Exorcisms

The number of exorcisms has been rising sharply in Italy, with some 500,000 Italians requesting an exorcism each year and not nearly enough exorcists to meet the rising demand, according to recent reports.

Article by Thomas D. Williams

The archdiocese of Milan in northern Italy has doubled the number of its exorcists, while an exorcism hotline has been launched in Rome, but those in the field claim it isn’t nearly enough.

Rome’s most famous exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth (pictured), died last month and his successor, Father Vincenzo Taraborelli, says that he cannot keep up with the daily requests for liberation from demonic influence. “Padre Vincenzo,” as he is known, handles some 30 “clients” a day, and is calling on the Church to appoint more priests as exorcists to share in the mission of satanic deliverance.

“There are only nine of us left and many more are needed,” he said. “We need other priests like me to meet the needs of so many families.”

Last month, an Italian documentary on exorcism called “Liberami” won the award for “best film” in the Venice Horizons category at this year’s Venice Film Festival, drawing still more attention to this rapidly growing industry.

In her film, director Federica Di Giacomo’s explores the exorcism efforts of Father Cataldo, a veteran exorcist in Sicily who is sought out in increasing numbers by Catholics who suspect they may be tormented or possessed by the devil.

Source: Report: As Satanism Grows, Italy Experiencing a ‘Boom’ in Exorcisms

We now date six people at once, study claims | The Independent


TRUTH BOMBS: WOW, times have really changed!

ARTICLE: Any young person who’s tried to explain the concept of “seeing” someone to their parents will be able to testify that the dating arena has changed enormously over the past couple of decades. It’s no longer as simple as going for dinner and a movie and instantly becoming boyfriend and girlfriend – we “see” people, often more than one at a time. The extent of this trend has been revealed in a new study which claims it’s now normal to date an incredible six people at once.

Source: We now date six people at once, study claims | The Independent