Pro-lifers win battle to publicize baby body disposal

A major corporation that contracted with Planned Parenthood to dispose of baby bodies from the abortion industry giant has given up in its fight against a grassroots organization that launched a campaign to unveil the company’s actions.The Thomas More Society on Friday announced that a lawsuit brought against the Ohio-based pro-life advocacy group Created Equal and its national director, Mark Harrington, over their speech was being dropped.The legal team confirmed Stericycle Inc. and its CEO, Charles Alutto, moved to dismiss the complaint it had brought against the citizens group.The Thomas More Society originally had claimed defamation, false light invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress after the citizens group launched a protest campaign in Lake Forest, Bannockburn and Lincolnshire, Illinois.The campaign urged Stericycle’s CEO, board members and the public to cease handling the disposal of “medical waste” for Planned Parenthood affiliates around the United States.

Source: Pro-lifers win battle to publicize baby body disposal

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