70% of European Jews not attending synagogue during holidays due to targeted terror

TRUTH BOMBS: Islam continues to inspire fear in the citizens of European countries.

ARTICLE: If one goal of terrorism is to deny a free people basic rights, then count it as successful, at least where European Jews are concerned.As reported recently by the Jerusalem Post, some 70 percent of Jews – nearly three-quarters – are going to sit out attending synagogue during shul on High Holy Days over fears of possible terrorist attacks, and this despite increased security in Jewish communities.NT3A poll that was published online recently revealing the 70 percent figure has nonetheless been met with skepticism by prominent Jewish leaders, even though the continent has been rocked by terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds, especially in France.The survey was conducted online by the European Jewish Association in conjuction with the Rabbinical Center of Europe. The 78 respondents, the EJA says, were a representative sampling of the 700 capital cities and communities throughout Europe, from Britain to Ukraine.Pollsters claimed that while the number of respondents was far fewer than the number of communities represented, each one speaks for many communities. They compared the respondent rate with certain cities and regions that have many similarities with a number of similar communities.

Source: 70% of European Jews not attending synagogue during holidays due to targeted terror

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