Muslim Mob Rapes 15 Christian Women in ‘Revenge Attack’ for Conversions

TRUTH BOMBS: Christianity is the most persecuted religion on the planet. Everywhere brothers and sisters are dying for their true faith. The muslim faith demands the death of the infidel that will not convert. When a muslim kills, they are simply following the tenant of their religion.

ARTICLE: In a recent attack, some 90 Muslims stormed a Christian church in eastern Uganda, beating and tying up the men present before raping 15 of the Christian women.

The assault was reportedly a “revenge attack” against the pastor of the Katira church for allegedly converting Muslims to Christianity. Along with the violence perpetrated against the congregation, the mob also carried off the pastor, the Rev. Moses Mutasa, and severely damaged the church property.

According to a member of the congregation who escaped from the church, one of the attackers shouted, “Away with the pastor who is converting our Muslims to Christianity.” After the attack, church members also found leaflets accusing the pastor of converting Muslims and threatening more attacks.

Source: Muslim Mob Rapes 15 Christian Women in ‘Revenge Attack’ for Conversions

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