Church of Scotland Moves Towards Performing Same Sex Marriages – Breitbart

A leading figure in the Church of Scotland has told its General Assembly there is “no theological reason” to oppose same-sex marriage, paving the way for same-sex weddings in churches.

The Very Reverend Professor Iain Torrance, Convener of the influential Theological Forum, put forward a report to the Protestant Church’s General Assembly that, whilst acknowledging the Bible condemns same-sex acts, claims Scripture was framed by a “cultural context” that is no longer applicable, reports The Christian Post.

“We say that after reflection we can see no sufficient theological reason for the Church now not to authorise specific ministers to officiate at same-sex weddings,” the Very Rev. Iain Torrance told the assembly, proposing the governing body approve a study of how same-sex ceremonies could be allowed.

The report acknowledged that “conservative arguments” are based on the Bible’s recognition of sexual immorality, including same-sex acts, as sinful.

But the authors of the report justified the Theological Forum’s position on the grounds that “Scriptural condemnations of same-sex sexual activity were framed in cultural contexts very different from our own.”

The Christian Institute reported that a series of amendments put forward by conservative supporters of traditional, biblical marriage were defeated.

Source: Church of Scotland Moves Towards Performing Same Sex Marriages – Breitbart

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