Oregon man says intruders ambushed him in his home | Fox News

TRUTH BOMBS: Oregon? But I thought Oregon’s violent crime rate would go down since those liberals there are so anti-gun [SARCASM]? Bet if this man had a gun this would not have happened to him.





Liberal’s cannot think rationally!


ARTICLE: An Oregon man claims that he was nearly beaten to death Sunday after being ambushed by strangers in his home.

Joshua Morrison, of Portland, told Fox 12 that a woman who was screaming for help knocked on his door and when he opened the door the woman started to punch him in the face. Morrison said two men then appeared in his doorway and tied him up.

“They just all three of them started attacking me,” he told the station. “They’d work on my face while they held my wrist. I thought I was actually going to die. I was telling myself in my mind, I’m going to die now, this is it — just keep fighting, just keep fighting.”

Morrison said the suspects hit him in the face with the end of a shotgun they found inside his home. He said the attackers even hurt his cat.

Source: Oregon man says intruders ambushed him in his home | Fox News


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