Florida 16-year-old allegedly beats friend to death with a baseball bat over a girl, officials say

Truth Bombs: The problem is that there is no method for governing sin in an atheistic worldwiew. Regardless of the professed faith of the boy, the actions are what declares his belief system. In a world without God, why shouldn’t a male eliminate his competition? Doesn’t it give him the “survival of the fittest” advantage?

ARTICLE: A 16-year-old Florida boy is suspected of beating his friend to death with a baseball bat, authorities said, alleging that the teen was jealous of his friend’s relationship with a girl. Police say the suspect persuaded friend Giovanni Diaz, 15, to go into a wooded area Monday afternoon, where the

Source: Florida 16-year-old allegedly beats friend to death with a baseball bat over a girl, officials say

2 thoughts on “Florida 16-year-old allegedly beats friend to death with a baseball bat over a girl, officials say

  1. Interesting thoughts. Just to clarify, are you saying a Christian who commits a sin does not believe in God? Is not Christian? and is an atheist? You may want to bring that up with your fellow Christians.

    And there are ways to govern “sin”, it’s called laws. Just because there is a system of laws (in both religion and government) does not mean that the followers of said religion (or government) will follow them.

    As for “Survival of the fittest”, that was actually not Darwin who said that, if that’s where you were leading. That sounds to me that either you don’t understand Darwin’s Natural Selection or are falsely using it to fit your agenda.

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    1. Agreed. If a Christian lies, cheats, steals or otherwise sins, are they no longer Christians? Does not the Bible state that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God?” To say that one’s actions show their true beliefs is factually incorrect. Christians “sin” all of the time. That doesn’t mean they do not believe.

      Also, atheists are not “sinful” and lawless people simply because of their lack of belief in God. Morality doesn’t begin and end with the Bible. There are good and bad atheists just like there are good and bad Christians. Our actions are not always tied to our beliefs. People can act on impulse, and in the heat of the moment do things against that which they believe. That’s when Christians say “repentance” is required to fall back in line with God. There would be no reason to repent if Christians cannot sin and are those who do are, in fact, atheists. This assertion is wrong. Christians and atheists both make mistakes and can make those mistakes without compromising their beliefs. That’s why they are called mistakes.


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