Found: Historic evidence of early Muslim intolerance of Christians

The report documents a new archaeological discovery that revealed a brass weight weighing about 160 grams.It was found in Sussita during excavations organized by the University of Haifa, he wrote.

But the brass weight, dating to the 7th century, “contained a surprise.”

“More or less by chance, we discovered a stain covering the cross on the obverse of the weight,” Michael Eisenberg, of the university research team, said.

He’s head of the Hippos-Sussita excavations, and told the Jerusalem Post, “At first we were convinced that it was just dirt, but in fact the stain was made deliberately to conceal a cross, a Christian religious symbol used by the Christian population, so that they could continue to use the weight in their contacts with the new Muslim rulers. This is the first time that we have found a weight featuring this type of concealed element.”

The relic was found by Bradley Bowlin using a metal detector and was forwarded to Alexander Lermolin of the Conservation Laboratory at Haifa University’s Archaeological Institute.

He discovered under a dark stain was a cross inlaid in silver.

Source: Found: Historic evidence of early Muslim intolerance of Christians

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